The Architect of Wellness: Stephanie Teong

In the dynamic landscape of Immune Vital Labs, where wellness converges with innovation, Stephanie Teong stands tall as the Chief Operating Officer. A graduate of the University of Melbourne, Australia, with a degree in architecture, Stephanie’s journey from shaping physical spaces to enhancing well-being with healthcare supplements is nothing short of inspiring.

Stephanie’s narrative unfolds against a backdrop of blueprints and creative designs. Her architectural firm had earned recognition for transforming empty land into practical and functional buildings. However, Stephanie’s path took an intriguing twist when her firm was tasked with creating a working space for Immune Vital Labs which introduced her to the world of healthcare supplements.

Stephanie was then recruited into Immune Vital Labs, a company that resonated with her dedication to crafting experiences that promote well-being. As the COO, she seamlessly melds her architectural acumen with her role in shaping a wellness-focused enterprise. Her precision in design thinking finds a natural home in coordinating the intricate symphony of teamwork required to drive Immune Vital Labs forward.

Stephanie’s journey as an architect has honed her knack for attention to detail and the art of seamless collaboration. These skills form the foundation of her role in the company, where she ensures that the design of Immune Vital Labs’ products, from nutraceuticals to skincare solutions, reflects both scientific rigor and a commitment to enhancing lives.

The story of Stephanie Teong is one of transformation—a journey from creating physical spaces to crafting products that nurture wellness. Her role as COO is a testament to her ability to harness her architectural expertise to foster collaborative, innovative teamwork. With her at the helm, Immune Vital Labs embraces a design-centric ethos that reshapes wellness as a beautifully orchestrated experience.

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