The key to effectiveness in nutrient absorption is what we’re infusing into our products through science, research and with proven scientific evidence

Our commitment to research and scientific results focuses on improving your vitality and how it will improve your health
Supercharge Immunity
Your immune system is the first line of defense against pathogens. Improving its strength has a direct impact on your overall health, quality of life and level of wellbeing.
Science for your Immunity and Health

SEMUA – Food Allergy Prevention

SEMUA means Safe and Effective Method to Utilize Allergen to prevent Food Allergy

SEMUA is a method for introduction of common food allergens to prevent food allergy.

SEMUA – Food Allergy Prevention

The People Behind Immune Vital Labs

The Meticulous Pharmacist: Irene Tan
Chief Executive Officer

Her journey from a pharmacy graduate at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK, to the CEO’s chair exemplifies dedication, precision, and a unique blend of expertise.

The Architect of Wellness: Stephanie Teong
Chief Operation Officer

A graduate of the University of Melbourne, Australia, with a degree in architecture, Stephanie’s journey from shaping physical spaces to enhancing well-being with healthcare supplements is nothing short of inspiring.

The Scientific Visionary: Dr. Kent Woo

A medical graduate of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA, who then specialized into Internal Medicine and further subspecializing into Allergy and Immunology.

natural products

Vital DermaDr8

Vital DermaDr8: Your Ultimate Skin Hydration and Healing Serum


created with a proprietary blend of two natural organic oils to moisturize, protect and maintain.

NatureDr8 - natural organic oil

NutriGlow means to achieve a healthy glowing skin and connective tissues through nutritional supplementation

natural products

Duoflora is a premium probiotic containing the two major species of probiotics.

Science for Your Immunity and Health

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