Your Partner in Health

At Immune Vital Labs, we’re all about creating products and supplements that boost your health and well-being. Guided by our motto, “Science for Your Health,” we’re committed to using scientific research to help you on your journey to feeling your best.

Our Vision 

Our logo says a lot about who we are. The laboratory beaker stands for our dedication to serious research and science. Inside the beaker, you’ll see a plant growing, which symbolizes the vitality and health we aim to bring to you. Most importantly, there’s a human figure emerging from the beaker, showing our mission to turn scientific discoveries into real health benefits for you.

What We Offer 

We’re focused on providing products and supplements that truly make a difference in your health and wellness. With our guiding slogan, “Science for Your Health,” we connect the latest scientific insights with everyday well-being. Our range includes not only nutraceuticals but also probiotics and topical skincare products, all designed to help you feel great inside and out.

Our Approach 

Choosing the right supplements can be tough with so many options out there. We get it, and that’s why we’ve designed our approach to make things easier for you. Each of our products combines multiple supplements that work together for maximum benefits. Plus, we make sure the dosages are effective and backed by solid medical research, so you know you’re getting the best.

Why Choose Immune Vital Labs? 

What makes us special is our close collaboration with medical experts. We carefully select and use top-quality ingredients that have proven benefits. This teamwork with health professionals helps us create products that are both safe and highly effective.

In a world full of choices, Immune Vital Labs aims to make your journey to wellness simpler and more straightforward. We believe that wellness isn’t just an idea—it’s a journey that deserves the best science behind it. At Immune Vital Labs, we are here to provide you with the tools you need for lasting health and vitality.

The People Behind Immune Vital Labs

The Meticulous Pharmacist:
Irene Tan
Chief Executive Officer

Her journey from a pharmacy graduate at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK, to the CEO’s chair exemplifies dedication, precision, and a unique blend of expertise.

The Architect of Wellness:
Stephanie Teong
Chief Operation Officer

A graduate of the University of Melbourne, Australia, with a degree in architecture, Stephanie’s journey from shaping physical spaces to enhancing well-being with healthcare supplements is nothing short of inspiring.

The Scientific Visionary:
Dr. Kent Woo

A medical graduate of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA, who then specialized into Internal Medicine and further subspecializing into Allergy and Immunology.

Science for Your Immunity and Health

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