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Reassuring Customers About Duoflora Color Changes

At Immune Vital Labs, we strive to provide the highest quality probiotic supplements. Recently, some of our valued customers have noticed color changes in Duoflora probiotic capsules. We want to assure you that this is a normal occurrence and nothing to be concerned about.

An Analogy: Bananas and Probiotics

Think of how a banana changes color as it ripens. Initially yellow, it can develop brown spots over time due to natural processes. This doesn’t mean the banana is bad; it’s just part of its natural aging process. Similarly, color changes in Duoflora capsules are a normal part of their life cycle and do not affect the quality or efficacy of the probiotics inside.

Understanding Natural Color Changes

Duoflora capsules contain live probiotic bacteria along with prebiotics, which serve as food for these beneficial bacteria. Since our products are made with natural ingredients, they can sometimes undergo color changes due to exposure to light and heat. This is a natural process, similar to how a banana develops brown spots over time.

Why Color Changes Occur

  1. Exposure to Light: Natural ingredients, especially those containing live cultures, can react to light. This reaction can cause slight color changes in the capsules.
  2. Heat Sensitivity: Heat can also affect the color of natural products. Although we take great care in our manufacturing and storage processes, some exposure to varying temperatures can occur during shipping and handling.

Commitment to Quality and Transparency

Rest assured, we conduct rigorous quality control checks to ensure that every batch of Duoflora meets our high standards. The efficacy and safety of our probiotics remain intact, even if the capsules change color. To ensure the highest safety and quality, Duoflora is triple-sealed:

First Seal: A Seal-Wrapped Box.

Second Seal: An airtight Aluminum Pouch containing a Specific Desiccant


Third Seal: A transparent Blister Pack that houses the Probiotic Capsules

Duoflora is housed in a transparent blister pack and transparent capsules because this allows customers to see what the product naturally looks like. At Immune Vital Labs, we value quality and transparency in all our products.

Independent Reviews and Certifications

To further assure you of our commitment to quality and safety, we have attached a Certificate of Analysis from BVAQ, confirming that Duoflora has no contamination with pathogenic bacteria. All heavy metals are at levels way below permissible limits.


Additionally, an independent third-party review by Aqurate has verified that the black spots found in Duoflora are a normal variation. They also confirmed that any taste variation is normal and is due to a more heat-stable formulation of the probiotics in Duoflora.

Science for Your Health

Immune Vital Labs takes great care to ensure that all our products are of great quality to deliver the best results for your health. Duoflora is a natural product, and natural color changes can occur. Duoflora smells and tastes like toasted bread. Once opened, keeping it in a cool and dark place will ensure minimal color changes. We also want to assure our customers that Duoflora is safe to consume and effective despite color changes.

When Not to Consume Duoflora

While natural color changes are expected, there are a few signs that indicate the probiotic has turned bad and should not be consumed:

  • The product has passed the stated expiry date.
  • The product has a smelly odor.
  • The product has become watery.

Contact Us

  • If you have any concerns or questions about your Duoflora capsules, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team at info@immunevital.com
  • We are here to help and ensure you have the best possible experience with our products
  • Thank you for choosing Duoflora. Your health and Satisfaction are our top priorities
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