NatureDr8: Prebiotic Lipidic Complex

by in NatureDr8, Skin Care May 4, 2024

Did you know that your skin is home to trillions of microorganisms?

Did you know that a healthy skin microbiome is key to obtaining youthful skin?

Discover how our Prebiotic Lipidic Complex nurtures a healthy skin microbiome for healthy skin


Unlocking Skin Health: The Power of Prebiotic Lipidic Complex in NatureDr8

Introducing the Prebiotic Lipidic Complex, the revolutionary prebiotic component found in NatureDr8. Derived from a wild extremophile microorganism, the Prebiotic Lipidic Complex is a game-changer in skincare, blending odd ramified fatty acids with jojoba liquid wax and oat oil to create a potent active ingredient.

Balancing Microbiota and Enhancing Beauty

The Prebiotic Lipidic Complex in NatureDr8 balances the skin microbiota and maintains the integrity of the epidermal barrier. It exhibits moisturizing, restructuring, soothing, and emollient properties, thanks to its unique composition of innovative active molecules. This fermentation-derived active, produced by a wild extremophile microorganism, is an oil-based grade with a prebiotic effect. It can regulate the skin microbiota and reinforce the skin barrier function, promoting healthy, youthful, and beautiful skin.

Innovative Complex for Skin Health

NatureDr8 is formulated without any preservatives to protect the skin’s microbiome. The Prebiotic Lipidic Complex is the first post-prebiotic fatty acids complex, combining fatty acids from bacterial and vegetable sources. Its ‘fatty acids complex’ designation reflects its innovative blend, while ‘postbiotic’ refers to its inclusion of non-viable fractions of bacteria that still have a biological effect on the skin. As a ‘prebiotic,’ it supports the maintenance of the normal skin microbiome and preserving bacterial diversity. It also modulates microbiota species for healthier skin by increasing the protective bacterial species while reducing bacteria that can cause skin problems.

Did you know that Eczematous skin is prone to infections? NatureDr8’s Prebiotic Lipid Complex can help prevent skin infections by protecting the natural microbiome while improving the skin barrier.

Enhancing the Skin Barrier

The prebiotics in NatureDr8 encourages the growth of helpful bacteria, amongst them is S. Epidermidis which has been shown to help maintain skin barrier function by increase skin formation of ceramides.

By enhancing the skin barrier, NatureDr8 helps your skin to remain smooth and supple.


Science for your Health

Experience the transformative power of the Prebiotic Lipidic Complex in NatureDr8 and unlock radiant, resilient, and rejuvenated skin.

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