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You can Skip reading if you are younger than 40

  • Are you feeling tired and not as energetic than when you are younger?
  • Do you feel old if someone called you Aunty or Uncle?
  • Are you interested in a healthier and longer life?


Then Read On…

Sandy smokes and drinks half a bottle of gin a day! She does not exercise and likes to eat fast food. Her favorite meal is a double cheeseburger with medium sized fries. She stays up late every night watching Netflix series and only sleeps 5 hours most days. Her energy levels are ok at work but could be better. She loves to party every Friday night and stays up till 3 am partying with the best!

In fact she has invited everyone to her upcoming birthday party this Friday. She is turning 28 years old!

Diet and Exercise plus something else?

Sometimes the solution of a problem can be achieved by Not doing things that can cause the problem. So whatever Sandy is doing above, just do the opposite!

There are no 2 ways about it, to stay healthy you will need to have proper diet and exercise!

  1. Diet with lots of vegetables and low in sugar.
  2. Animal based protein in moderation. Eat more fish!
  3. Any type of exercise, from walking, jogging, strength training to swimming.

Once you start working on these 2 factors, taking Txao as an anti aging supplement will supercharge your results!

If you are looking for one pill that can solve the poor diet and zero exercise and turn you back to 21 years old, we are sorry to tell you that magical rainbow unicorns do not exist.

The market is flooded with many supplements with many similar claims. What makes Txao different? We want to let you know that Txao was developed by our Clinical Immunologist Medical Advisor to help himself and his patients to fight the aging process. The formulation of Txao is based on 2 well researched bioactive ingredients that can address all the known aging pathways. If you are interested, you can read about his thoughts of aging here: How I know I am getting old

But why are we interested in fighting aging? Read on below…

As you wake up everyday to go to work, have you ever wondered what you are doing it for? Most of us would answer that it is for money or to make a living. Or maybe it is just a normal routine until your planned retirement.

But once you have met your basic money needs, you look forward to buying things, going on a holiday or just to relax.

Do you think you could do all these things if you were sick?

Your true wealth lies in having a healthy body so that you can do the things you want!

Txao was developed to help You Fight the Aging Process

Txao is formulated with 2 potent Anti-Aging active ingredients to work synergistically for your health: Click on the links to read on the science behind these two ingredients. Curcumin and Pterostilbene

Order Txao now for your Health

The science in Txao for Anti Aging


What if I am already having health problems, can Txao help?

Metabolic disorders, including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), are closely related to a poor diet. Curcumin found in turmeric, has been associated with improvements in NAFLD. Polyphenols found in curcumin has been reported to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties with the ability to improve metabolic health and reduces the affects from atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels)

A clinical study published in Phytotherapy Research (2012) evaluated the safety and effectiveness of curcumin in combination with diclofenac (NSAID) in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Subjects receiving Curcugreen showed significant improvements in overall joint health scores compared to the group receiving NSAID alone, highlighting its efficacy. More importantly, curcumin treatment was found to be safe and did not relate with any adverse events.

Why a diet high in animal meats and products can cause Heart Disease

In our diet, carnitine are found in animal products such as dairy, poultry, and meat. Carnitine is broken down in our gut by bacteria to form TMAO. This is likely one of the causes of vascular inflammation leading to cardiovascular diseases. The study above found that pterostilbene is able to reduce TMAO formation and decrease vascular inflammation. Research suggests that pterostilbene can help reduce blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels, offering protection against cardiovascular issues and metabolic syndrome.

Who should take Txao?

  • When you are older than 40 years old, you realize your body is different than when you are younger. You may notice that you have gained weight, your blood tests are no longer perfect. Yet you are “healthy” without any issues. You may be looking for a supplement to improve your health.
  • You currently have medical problems and are seeing a doctor. You desire to take a supplement that can help, but are looking for a safe supplement with scientific evidence.
  • You have dedicated your lifestyle for maximum health and fitness. You understand nutritional supplementation, intermittent fasting and exercise training. You read about the Blue Zones of longevity and you are looking for a well researched supplement to complement what you are currently doing.

Why take Txao?

  • Txao has 2 well researched anti-aging bio actives that is formulated to synergize together for your health. You can’t find a similar product with these two actives in the market. A google search will only reveal this patent
  • Txao is based on the Kauffman protocol and formulated by our medical advisor, read about How I know I am getting old
  • Txao is manufactured to the highest standards and each batch production undergoes full scrutiny with a certificate of analysis to ensure purity without contamination

What to Expect when taking Txao

  • The initial benefits seen in 2 weeks will be subtle, but gradually over time you will notice better sleep and increased energy
  • With continued use in 5 weeks, you may notice your body aches get less
  • Your skin appears brighter in 6 weeks
  • Your friends and family notice that you look and move differently in 7 weeks
  • You start to feel better and can exercise longer in 2 months
  • You continue to take Txao daily because it gives you the confidence that you are taking a science based supplement for your health

Order Txao Now to give your body the tools to fight aging

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