Vital DermaDr8 is suitable for ECZEMA and ALL SKIN TYPES

by in Skin Care March 1, 2024

Vital DermaDr8 called DermaDrate stands for Derma Hydrate in short. It was created with the help of our Allergist Immunologist medical advisor to help his patients with eczema.

In eczematous skin, the barrier is defective and the skin losses hydration making it rough and dry. It in turn worsens the itch, which then causes scratching that causes further break down the skin barrier leading to a vicious repeating cycle.

One of the key treatments for eczema is to apply moisturizers to help protect the skin. Unfortunately, frequent applications would be needed, and eczema sufferers were sometimes unable to apply the creams frequently and were frustrated with the results. The frequent complaints were that it is too inconvenient, and that the constant reapplication of creams are uncomfortable with the feeling of greasiness. The idea then is to come up with a solution using a high concentration hyaluronic acid serum that can be used in conjunction with the person’s favourite cream. We created a serum with multi length hyaluronic acid chains that will be able to penetrate different levels of the skin and hold the water molecules there. The formulation of DermaDr8 also allows for ease of application to the eczematous skin with fast absorption.

Many eczema sufferers have seen the benefit of using DermaDr8 with their current moisturizers. They note that their skin can stay moisturized for prolonged periods without the need for frequent reapplication of moisturizers. The eczema also heals faster with the ingredients of allantoin and panthenol in DermaDr8

DermaDr8 was made to be hypoallergenic and compatible with all skin types and your current skin care regimen. So, you do not have to worry about changing any of your favorite creams. Simply first apply DermaDr8 onto your skin before proceeding with your normal routine.

If DermaDr8 can do so much for eczema skin, imagine what it can do for normal skin. Experience hydration benefits for a healthier, younger skin today. Click here to Shop

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