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Do you or some one you know have eczema?

Did you know probiotics can help with eczema, But it must be the right strain?

Did you know that eczema can lead to other allergic conditions?

If you are looking for probiotics for your eczema and searching for strains have evidence for benefits, read on below…

Discover Duoflora: A Probiotic Solution for Eczema

Understanding Eczema

Atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema is a chronic skin condition that can affect up to 20% of children.

Eczema is characterized by inflamed, itchy skin patches that can be triggered by various factors, including genetics, allergens, and environmental triggers. It is important to understand that eczema may look different with different skin tones.

With the diagnosis of eczema, the child is at risk for other allergic conditions in a process called the Atopic March. Eczema is the first indicator of the child’s increased risk for allergies, such as food allergy followed by allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Eczema may start in infancy and continue to adulthood. As an infant, eczema tends to affect the face and extensor surfaces, then as the person becomes older, the rash will change its distribution to involve different parts of the body such as the elbow crease, behind the knees and ankles.

The management of eczema will require a multiprong approach, from proper skin care to avoidance of triggers. Emerging research points to a promising ally in the quest for eczema relief: probiotics. Duoflora stands out for its unique 2 human probiotic strains that offers a natural approach to eczema management. Duoflora works by restoring balance to the gut microbiome and modulating immune responses, which helps with skin health.

The Power of Duoflora’s Strains

Duoflora harnesses the power of two potent probiotic strains, Bifidobacterium Breve M16V and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, to address eczema symptoms and promote skin wellness.

Bifidobacterium Breve M16V: Nurturing Skin Health

This strain offers several benefits specifically targeted towards eczema management:

  1. Immune Modulation: Bifidobacterium Breve M16V helps regulate immune responses, reducing inflammation and hypersensitivity that contribute to eczema flares.
  2. Skin Barrier Support: By reducing allergic inflammatory response, the skin’s natural barrier function is improved and protects against external irritants, promoting healthier skin.

The above study was a randomized controlled trial that investigated B. Breve M-16V in infants with eczema. They were split to receive either a probiotic or placebo and took their respective supplement for one month. In the probiotic group, researchers found significant improvements in the proportion of Bifidobacteria and allergic symptoms (cutaneous symptom score and total allergic score).

In a gold standard trial above, 31 infants under the age of 11 months with severe atopic dermatitis were randomized to receive B. Breve M-16V with or placebo for 4 months. At the end of the study, there was a significant improvement of eczema in the probiotic group (p<0.01). There was also a significant reduction in the Th2 to Th1 chemokine ratio (p<0.01) in the probiotic group compared with placebo, indicating a reduction in Th2 immune response.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG: Calming Inflammation and Itching

Another key player in Duoflora’s formula, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, offers additional benefits for eczema sufferers:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG promotes immune regulation thus soothing inflamed skin and reducing redness and itching associated with eczema.
  2. Immune Regulation: By modulating immune activity, this strain helps prevent exaggerated immune responses that trigger eczema flare-ups.

In the above study, A total of 27 infants, mean age 4.6 months, who manifested atopic eczema during exclusive breast-feeding and who have had no exposure to any infant or substitute formula were weaned to probiotic-supplemented formula. Significant improvement in skin condition occurred in patients given probiotic-supplemented formulas. The SCORAD severity scores were significantly reduced in the L. rhamnosus GG group.

The above study was a double-blind, randomised placebo-controlled trial where Lactobacillus GG were given prenatally to mothers who had at least one first-degree relative (or partner) with atopic eczema, allergic rhinitis, or asthma, and postnatally for 6 months to their infants. The probiotic was effective in PREVENTION OF ECZEMA in children at high risk with results seen from 2 years of age up to 7 years old.

Unlocking Eczema Relief with Duoflora

Duoflora’s unique combination of probiotic strains provides a comprehensive approach to eczema management:

  • Reducing Immune Inflammation
  • Improving Skin Barrier
  • Enhancing Immune Health
  • Preventing Eczema in high risk children

Incorporating Duoflora into Your Eczema Care Routine

Take 1 capsule of Duoflora daily to see improvements in your eczema. For young children, simply open up the capsule and empty the contents into their food or drinks (temperature should not be hot, as hot temperatures can kill the probiotic)

Science for your Health

Discover the natural, holistic approach to eczema relief with Duoflora. Its two human probiotic strains have been Proven to Help Eczema. Embrace a proactive strategy towards healthier, happier skin and unleash the power of probiotics in supporting your overall well-being.

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